Ashti's Harmony


ASHTI’S HARMONY is an animated children’s television series starring superstar Ashti Freeborn and her sidekick guitar, Harmony. 10-year-old Ashti received the magical guitar from Honey, her grandmother.  After school, Honey teaches Ashti and her neighborhood friends everyday lessons through the music.  They will go  where no other animation show has gone before – into old and modern day music history, a didgeridoo, solving mysteries, collecting information, finding treasures, and meeting cool singers and musicians!

The Organics


The Organics is a show about three kids who help do work in a community greenhouse. Their mission is to protect a community garden and help kids conquer their feelings about certain foods.  When outside invaders threaten the greenhouse, the kids turn into food superheroes called THE ORGANICS. Their motto is Eat Right, Live Strong!

Sophie & GG


This two-minute program engages children 2–5 yrs, interactively immersing young viewers into homes, neighborhoods, and the world with guitar lessons, and lessons on helping others.  Sophie and GG  makes music, smiles, and dreams come true. They have to  beware  of  Mr.  Rain  Cloud  who  is  trying  to  prevent  them  from arriving  at  their destination. The main characters are Sophie and her guitar, GG.  This show promotes music education, helping others, and teamwork.

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