*Each children's book is compatible with school-based character and music education, and creatively aligns with core traits as perseverance, initiative, compassion, respect, and responsibility.  Books are culturally diverse, promotes literacy, music, and encourages young readers to take a look at their world. Titles have been officially leveled with Fountus and Pinnell - N status.

Featured Publication

Honcho Hates Mud*


All pigs love mud, right? Not Honcho.  This tells the story of a young pig who is not like the other pigs in the sty. After working through a few muddy obstacles, Honcho finds a way to show the world who she is and what she can do.  She dares to be different and uses her leadership to make the farm a better place.

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The Gifted Guitar*


The Gifted Guitar is a book about a poor South African guitar who gives his gift to the wind.  The wind carries the gift across the world and miracles happen to everyone who hears the sound of the guitar.  When the guitar returns home, a miracle is there waiting for him too!



Everyone is a player in the game of life. However, few know what it takes to succeed on a consistent basis. Lee Rubin has drawn on his experiences as a corporate professional, major collegiate athlete, and renowned speaker to bring you this book. It offers clear insight that will help you think and behave like a winner.


This powerful collection of anecdotes, lessons, and inspiring quotes will help you shift to a new level of thinking. Lee provides the push you need to work through your obstacles, allowing you to persevere and reach your full potential. Consider this book your reference guide for doing what it takes to win at the most important game of all–life!

Ashti Meets
Birdman Al


This is a story of Ashti and her mother's day in the park.  They go chasing after a unique sound that leads them to an old man who is having a “whimsical musical experience" with the birds he feeds every morning.  He tells them about his love for Jazz. Ashti has a great idea and with the help of her family and friends, she puts her plan to work.  The story ends with an exciting night that everyone will remember and an even more exciting way to keep children and  Jazz music connected!


is also an interactive mobile app available on Apple iTunes.

Thoughts of
a Champion


Author and speaker, Lee Rubin, shares a collection of original quotations. Taken from his postings on various social media tools, these inspirational thoughts are designed to help you WIN! Enjoy and share these quotes online and in person to help others develop winning mindsets.

Social Eyes*


Social Eyes is  a book of treasured quotes, poems, and stories.  These daily verses are like reading your grandmother's heart. It's everything she told us as kids that we failed to remember, or meant to tell us but never got the chance to. It is a book of modern lessons for the 21st century. 



From playing fields to conference rooms, Lee Rubin understands the unique challenges of succeeding in all situations. Drawing from his experience as an excellent student, a standout Division-1 athlete and team captain, and experienced corporate professional, Lee is able to help student-athletes recognize and realize their full potential. This collection of stories and anecdotes is a powerful tool that shares time-tested principles in a clear, concise manner that makes it easy for student-athletes to comprehend and put into action.


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